We have prepared hundreds of interview-generating CVs for personnel, from "start-out" to senior management and Board levels. We have completed dynamically worded, succinct CVs for clients locally, nationally and internationally. In our CVs we consider it essential that we communicate in succinct and dynamic language the personal value-added, experience and expertise you will bring to the challenge of a career-enhancing new position.

Your CV is your first introduction to a new employer

Your CV is your first introduction to a potential new employer, therefore it is important that this first impression makes its mark with its reader - usually a HR manager or assistant. Having perused your CV you want this individual to be thinking, "I would like to peruse that CV again" or better still, "I would like to meet this applicant".

Really your CV is like preparing for a first date! You leave nothing to chance, there will be no slip-shod errors in presentation or lay-out - nothing that suggests you might offer less than 4-square commitment and competence in your new employment. That is why we stress the importance of accuracy in spelling, syntax and grammar. Anything that hints of carelessness in these areas most certainly means you will be by-passed in the short-listing process. Care and attention with these supposed minor points may suggest that similar care will be taken with even the more mundane aspects of your new employment. Your CV must give a clear impression that where you are concerned best practice will be a top priority all of the time.

It does not matter what career you have chosen to follow, we can equip you with a CV that will enhance your prospects as you take your career onwards and upwards; and you are protected by our Money Back Guarantee, if dissatisfied with the quality of the end-product. Indeed we encourage you to make amendments to our initial drafts if you think such is required. Such interaction assists with giving you "ownership" of your CV - a valuable and confidence-building asset at the interview stage.

Personal Background

An ex-teacher manager, Head of English Department, Sixth Form Tutor and former Head of Junior School, Finn McCann (BA, Dip Ed) taught English Language and Literature, most successfully, across the ability spectrum and age ranges from 11 to 18 years - from Milton and Shakespeare at A Level, to pupils with reading difficulties. Also during his teaching career he was awarded a Schoolteacher Fellowship at Queens University, Belfast.

How we interact with you

All you have to do is contact us for a copy of our Personal Profile Form (without any obligation). When that is completed we will then have the main facts about you ,necessary to draft your CV. We will email this form to you or post it if you prefer. Any information sent is never revealed to a third party or any sort of agency and at a future date you will never receive any spam mail from us.

Finn McCann BA, Dip Ed
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